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Welcome to Sisters of Strength-Multi Vendor Market Place in India For Women

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We are a group of youth dedicated to the financial upliftment of our fellow sisters worldwide. We believe that women are the backbone of society. Every day they nurture and manage many responsibilities and while fulfilling all these responsibilities, somewhere she does not follow her passion, rather she does not get the time to follow them. Especially when a woman enters into motherhood, career takes a back seat for her. As a result, she loses her identity and her financial condition deprives. The society also loses some extra-ordinary talents.

Csters Online Pvt. Ltd. is such a platform where a woman can find the strengths engraved within herself. Here we are providing an opportunity to flourish their skills and to show their talents to the world in cstrs.in. Here a woman can sell her products of any type in which she is an expert. It can be handicrafts, Dresses, any kind of readymade unique products, day-to-day necessary things or anything else. Moreover, the main goal of Csters Online Pvt Ltd. is to help women to flourish in all respects and to enlighten themselves by showing their talents to the world.

In the next 5 years, Csters aims to put 50 million women on the growth, thereby boosting GDP of the country, resulting in the welfare of the society at large.



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